France Gives Everyone In The Country A Social Welfare Handout: Why Can’t We Do That Here?

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The French government issued a new law Friday allowing everyone in the country to access the nanny state’s latest bazooka, social welfare entitlements and entitlement based cash handouts.

Predictably, France made adults eligible for what is known as “pocket money,” stipulated welfare benefits for children under eighteen and allow other benefits like pensions and payouts to cover items such as rising food prices.

Worse still, a newly-passed law will regulate internet-based businesses that offer self-service via their websites and apps. In effect, this latest law for France will completely crush any startup ideas that come out of France.

With everyone in France including the elderly getting a cash “handout” to the tune of 60 billion a year, the French are the first country in the western world to have complete government control of the social welfare system as a major social issue.

For more on this story, FOX News Radio’s Chris Hoenig has the details.

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