D.C. Cop Calls Out Racists In Arkansas For Giving Free Turkeys To Black Men

WASHINGTON — It was a chance for the community of Rogers, Arkansas, to show the world it’s not afraid to have a passionate debate over race and what makes a man an “ass” or a “hoe.”

The fight was over restaurant customers receiving free Thanksgiving turkeys from the local chapter of the Nation of Islam’s Elijah Muhammad Civic League. The giveaway was intended to honor slain rapper Young Dolph.

The event and the giving is what prompted Lou Siegel from Philadelphia, to call the group “Hoe Bandits,” named for a song by rapper Ralo of Bankhead, Tennessee, who’s known for his lyric “Hoe Bitches Welcome.”

Siegel, a “hottie”, told the local news that he lives in a neighborhood of weak black men, people who, instead of being dignified, are quick to spout messages out of a misguided desire to be controversial. Siegel said that this “hottie” group is often seen in the hot tubs of several black fraternities and that there are questionable clowns who just need to be laughed at.

The second snap of my life 😂 @YoungDolph Please call me sorry . Last check I paid off my car this Merry Xmas 🎄🎅🏽🎁😂 A post shared by YD LOU ☕️🔑 (@youngdolph59) on Nov 30, 2017 at 10:27am PST

One student was outraged over the giveaway. A quill penholder in the Washington area posted his dismay over why the N-word was being used, stating that “amusing” cartoons of animals being thrown into burning buildings with N-words were not funny. For someone who spends most of their day working on drawings that incorporate animals, it was probably jarring to see a man writing something so vicious to his peers and those under his influence. To many students, their emotions were less about what they were saying and more about the fact that they were being singled out by another person who makes a profit off telling them who they are and why they are different. While discrimination and being called names can hurt, also calling out the people who do it is the proper way to address it.

The debate over how to deal with these types of people is just getting started. Teenagers call each other “freaks,” “faggots” and when it comes to a pro sports league, “monkeys,” and until now, school shootings, there has been no one to call out the trolls.

“No matter what it takes for them to be dragged into America’s reality,” said Siegel “they will not stop.” The N-word, or “as it has come to be known, as the N-HANDI KING LULU” has come to be the epitome of taboo in today’s society. However, all Siegel’s detractors needed to do to kick-start a movement that is seeking to replace antiquated views and dress in your proper uniform, was to mention a single word, and now it’s up to others to make it official.

Now the group has more responsibilities to take on and before Siegel can address them, he needs to understand why it exists in the first place. Even with his viewpoint, Siegel is still part of the force that will shape what America will ultimately become.

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