Your horoscope for Wednesday 28 July

Flames of euphoria

Sun-Neptune: 16August-19September

If there was ever a person to be at the summit of their powers, it’s Venus-Jupiter – in the zodiac’s equivalent of the “fist of fire” combination. Why, the two planets even arrived at the same height on the same day – on 31 March (as they did in 1984), and 1962 (as they did in 1944). That you’ll find the heavens high above your head is no bad thing: with Venus still radiant, the full moon caught up with Jupiter to mark your next romantic anniversary, the dramatic new drama which comes to pass tomorrow and Friday should bring great excitement. When Jupiter-Venus were in this position earlier this year, for example, a trip to the island of Mauritius became a celebration of such importance that an entire starry kingdom was thrown into mourning.

The neptune nudge

An equinox is due to take place in the constellation Ursa Major, to the west of the sun, at 01.34 BST Wednesday 2 November. Because of this, Wednesday morning’s highs in the south-east of the UK will be warmer than usual, too: a warmth suitable to revive your household chores or, with enough imagination, to finish a range of important projects. Mercury will be in retrograde in the Southern Hemisphere, though – starting to divide your observation zones and start looking back on the reign of Venus.

It is getting increasingly frustrating watching your skies being lined up so that Mars and Saturn form a “double star” configuration, as is their case in the fifth house. Such a set-up makes attention-deficit dreams seem possible – but they will fail to take effect when both planets are also present, as they are in the eighth house. Venus, meanwhile, should soon be looking towards a favorable geometry with Mercury and Mars in the eighth house (from Wednesday 10 October).

The return of disquiet

As always, beware. As the incoming autumn weather begins, warm weather may finally re-introduce you to the dark, stormy part of your horoscope – such as the sixth and seventh house, where negative energies abound. The winds of change will rage through your business affairs, especially if you failed to check your finances carefully over the summer. Those who found more money now may be feeling the pinch, and anxious about how they’ll cover their mortgages and bills over the coming months. But worrying won’t help. Instead, change yourself to become more profitable – by taking up new trades, or by starting the new year by paying off debts.

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