Your freedom of speech now starts with this Scottish book

Written by Staff Writer


(CNN) — The “Good Book” is Scotland’s most renowned book, widely believed to be the oldest existing book ever published in the world.

Less famously, it also holds the record for most titles and has been classified by the Oxford English Dictionary as the best known and longest held book in the world.

Ruth Watt, a journalist and author whose impressive list of accolades includes Doctor of Human Letters, believes the book is the “the essence of Scotland.”

And that is why it is so important that fans of the “Good Book” can write in it for free — by submitting letters to serial killers and UFOs, while the messages are known to linger in the pages for years.

While researching her 2014 book “The Misadventures of Wendy Talbot,” Watt started to receive daily access to the “Good Book” to research other subjects, one being her search for her wedding ring.

Watt left her wedding ring at the hotel where she married her husband, not realizing that — as some people do — she had put it in a scrapbook and lost it there.

“It’s a medium for artists to express themselves,” said Watt. “If it’s stolen or stolen and lost, it’s a crime, so writing this book was a way of saying ‘have a look at this’.

“It’s a gorgeous book and a lovely place to sit and look at the words and hear what people have written.”

Following the tradition of the “Good Book,” Watt shared her findings on Twitter, asking people to write in the book in response to her original post.

Watt took initial responses to Professor Austin Levesque, the head of English at the University of Edinburgh, who then passed them on to the Scottish state poet Alasdair Gray.

As a result of Watt’s announcement, the hundreds of handwritten responses that people sent to Watt have now become a book. Watt had initially thought they were intended for public consumption.

Those people who sent in their letters have been converted into a limited edition version of the “Good Book,” and the limited edition is now available to buy in the UK (via Watt’s website ) for €199 — less than $250.

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