White House advisers are ‘discussing’ some ‘controlling measures’ on South Africa

Officials from the United States are “talking to the South African government about evolving control measures,” a State Department official said. “We are consulting with the South African government in more detail to help inform those security measures,” the official said.

Currently, the government is considered only partly responsible for the mining byproducts, including metals and other byproducts, from industrial operations in the country.

“The declaration by Trump administration officials that ‘forgotten Africa’ had little to fear from the President’s tariff threats is, I think, an abdication of U.S. leadership on issues that are deeply important to ordinary Africans,” Dr. Suna Gershan, professor of international studies at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School in Abu Dhabi, said in a statement. “First and foremost, it underlines how important it is for the US to lead by example, promoting better trade and investment relations between its own countries and Africa.”

Also, the country is “begging for this,” South African writer Ava Mandela said, noting that fact that black-owned mining companies in South Africa “don’t feel that they can speak out, or can be actively marginalized” as the ANC, the main political party, negotiates its transition from mainstream African National Congress (ANC) rule to liberalizing the economic system in the country.

“The question should always be ‘who represents black people on the ground in South Africa?’ and not just ‘some group who believes that it has a vote in the ANC at the expense of people who have no vote,’” Ms. Mandela said.

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