Washington DC’s Joy Oil gas station turned into historic cafe

Written by Lani Smith, CNN

The gas station-turned-jewel is back in business again after $400,000 in renovations, but will the new gas station be anything like its original layout and history?

Old and beautiful — the Joy Oil gas station, in Washington D.C.’s Adams Morgan neighborhood, is an ode to the city’s natural gas discoveries and beautiful gas stations dating back to the 1930s.

This historic station’s location, on a prime block that’s prime real estate in the area, along with regular raves for the photo ops of its almost Tank Girl-esque exterior, is legendary among locals.

The charm of the Joy Oil gas station won’t change — its interior is currently occupied by a legendary restaurant, The Passenger. Credit: Jenny Coates

The station was closed for about nine months due to renovations. According to Street and Smith , these closed for a “month-long intensive two-story renovation” complete with extensive work on the restrooms.

At the time of the renovations, the station had already shut down for almost one month. This news left a lot of upset in the neighborhood.

“People in Adams Morgan, they go nuts over the Joy Oil gas station,” said Monami Koehler, a DC-based writer, editor and frequent critic of local restaurants and coffee shops. “If you’re in and around Adams Morgan and just happen to be in the right place at the right time, you see it all the time. People run into the Joy Oil gas station and hit it with their elbows and yell “Joy Oil.”

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