UK MP could be expelled after raking her baby across the floor during prime minister’s questions

A British lawmaker could face expulsion from the House of Commons after she brought her infant baby to a voting session Monday and sat next to a TV camera during the debate.

MP John Mann questioned the ethics of Kathryn Hudson’s behavior during a heated Prime Minister’s Questions session on Monday in Parliament.

The row comes just a week after the House of Commons introduced a policy against the improper employment of the House of Commons staff in the “appropriate employment of minors,” Parliament said in a statement.

Kathryn Hudson, a Labour Party lawmaker, was seated in the crowded audience and stroked her baby’s feet in the near-empty back rows of the House of Commons, raising the ire of MPs from all sides of the aisle.

As the debate continued, Hudson sat next to a camera positioned in the upper chamber, filming Prime Minister Theresa May’s question time.

After Tory MP John Redwood asked that the House vote a motion asking to expel Hudson, Parliament ruled unanimously Tuesday that the MP must leave the chamber.

The Times newspaper said Tuesday that Hudson told reporters that the vote to dismiss her from the chamber was a “sad day for democracy.”

Prime Minister Theresa May told reporters that legislators from all sides of the aisle felt uncomfortable with the incident.

“There is a very strong sense in the House that we can’t have babies in public places,” May said. “Children sit at the back of the gallery, you wouldn’t do it, you wouldn’t take your dog into the chamber, and we can’t have babies sitting next to cameras in the Commons chamber.”

But Hudson, the MP for South Hams, where the issue began, said she felt Parliament had “given up” on balancing her right to parental leave with the need for the public to see parliament as an institution of “strict purpose.”

“Even within the chamber today, there was a feeling that our hallowed cloakroom should not serve as our playground, and the same would hold true for our childcare facilities,” Hudson said in a statement. “Although I’m sure I do have the right to bring my child into the chamber, I am appalled that my colleagues don’t feel the same way. It also shows contempt for the public who pay the huge sums that keep this place running.”

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