Trump to announce plans for another presidential run

Trump is expected to have a second inaugural appearance in 2020 to argue that he was one of the best presidents, if not the best

Donald Trump has teased that he is gearing up for another run for president, saying he will make the announcement shortly after Thanksgiving.

The president’s speculation comes one day after the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that a conviction of Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort could proceed to trial, over conspiracy to defraud the United States. That ruling marked the first time that the top court will issue a ruling on the so-called Mueller indictment, which is the first of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.

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It also leaves open the possibility that Manafort could face new criminal charges – as it applies to Russia itself or as a result of its meddling in the election.

In his nonstop comments on his feud with actor George Clooney, on what he refers to as a “watered down version of The Emoji Movie” and other things that Trump thinks are good, the president said on Thursday: “I was a very successful businessman before I was president, and I think a lot of people would say, ‘Boy, did he make a lot of money.’ In fact, when I was in my last year of construction, my net worth was just over $10bn, but then the interest rates go down, the construction value went up and the cost of doing business went down. So we went from $10bn to over $25bn in one year. I don’t know if you heard that, but, in fact, I had a home in Palm Beach and I was just able to sell that for $60m. I mean, you were like, ‘Oh my God.’ I don’t know if George knew about that.”

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He added: “I may run again in 2024, and I might run. It might even be before. When I’m ready. You know, I always say I may run again at anytime. I was very busy yesterday. I was working very hard yesterday.”

Trump has repeatedly used the word “tremendous” in media interviews since the ruling, suggesting that he will make the announcement before Thanksgiving. On Wednesday, he tweeted: “The House was much hotter yesterday than the air conditioner. Very exciting!”

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