Toronto doctor charged with sexual assault of elderly woman

Written by By Daniel Arias, CNN Toronto

A Toronto doctor was arrested and charged on Monday in connection with a sexual assault investigation, police said.

Investigators believe Dr. Allan Michael Mark, 57, was involved in the sexual assault of an elderly female patient, Toronto Police Service Staff Inspector Shawn Pang said at a news conference.

‘Looking for the justice we want to be given’

Mark, the associate director of the Emergency Department at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, has been suspended from his duties, the hospital said in a statement to CNN.

“A thorough internal investigation has been concluded, and the matter was reported to the Toronto Police Service,” the statement said. “Although Toronto Police has assumed jurisdiction over the matter, Sunnybrook continues to fully cooperate with law enforcement on their criminal investigation.”

Mark was to appear in court on Tuesday morning.

“That was a pretty urgent incident we were able to follow and I am extremely proud of the fact that we were able to follow and we were able to make an arrest,” Pang said.

Media reports said Mark was treating the woman for a shoulder injury when the assault allegedly occurred last month. Mark was charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of forcible confinement.

“I think that the investigation by Toronto Police Service (TPS) will take some time as there are a number of patients that were identified in connection with this particular investigation,” Mark’s defense lawyer Scott Rabinowitz told CNN.

He said he has not seen a police warrant yet.

Mark was being held at the Toronto Garrison Jail facility in Elgin County, approximately 70 miles west of Toronto.

Authorities are working to locate any other potential victims, Pang said.

“Detectives are looking for the justice they want to be given and all of the complainants that might come forward will be taken into consideration in our decision making going forward,” he said.

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