These bold cookware devices are under attack

CNN Staff • Updated 4th July 2018

( CNN ) — Three-quarters of a century after Allie Wessel and J.R. Prickett left Idaho to conquer the Pacific Northwest, Canadian two-hoppers are now bringing the bears and, in the process, a whole new sense of security to American kitchens.

The Wessel family of Idaho got into bear-proof cooking equipment when their father, Lars Wessel, and his sons couldn’t reach a restaurant in the snow in 1977.

After having four of its containers resealed, the Bear Blast solid perimeter cooking system now fits over most nonstick pans and griddles. But while it kept the family and the bears from being trapped by hungry grizzlies, it might not have been the best cooking mechanism for such an expedient method of serving human food.

The Wessels’ West Poplar Products started 10 years ago. It also makes bear repellents for use on bears as well as repellent beeswax candles for you to read about while getting stung.

Bear Blast promises to keep human and bear food separated.

Since Bear Blast “is designed to keep both human and bear food separate,” Bear Blast Product Line Manager Tiffany Lacey said in an email, “it’s not surprising we haven’t had a recipe fire up before.”

“I wanted the best food dehydrator in the world, and when I looked at what was out there, it was either overpriced and big-boxy, or there was just not much to this product that I thought would make cooking food from a cloud cooler ideal,” KHSL Radio host Blaine Wells said in a video for West Poplar Products . “Then I heard about this product, and it was the first time I thought, ‘My gosh, maybe we can make an all-purpose type product that actually works.'”

“So, we set out to meet a demand for a product with professional uses,” said West Poplar Products’ chief marketing officer, Trevor Lee in an email. “We wanted to build a product that allowed people to cook two meals while camping, and, in the process, help keep both people and animals safe.”

Lee, who is general manager of Brantose e-Dry — a British company that sells cooking products for outdoors enthusiasts — also said he’s a fan of Bear Blast and its narrow claims.

“When WEST Poplar Products came to market, they probably believed they had invented the best product, but there is no way to know until after testing whether the product will truly meet the needs of campers and outdoor enthusiasts,” Lee said.

These bears made food-containment technology even easier: The bear latches on to the Bear Blast after finishing his meal and turns it off when the motion detector inside stops.

Maybe they could make a bearproof iPhone case.

Of course, bear-proof devices might not be so revolutionary if they weren’t impossibly high. Bear Blast eliminates the need for plastic lining, but it has a pricetag of over $300.

Western Poplar Products sells its Bear Blast along with several other cooking devices in stores and online. The products are designed to help people cook by burning, baking, or dehydrating foods, but bears shouldn’t be confused for a problem candidate.

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