The bizarre state of hockey in Quebec

The state of hockey in Canada is not exactly booming. In fact, it’s actually kind of drowning.

Yesterday in a video posted on Twitter, the leader of Quebec, Philippe Couillard, laid out some bleak statistics about the state of hockey in his home province.

“Statistics show that in Quebec, hockey participation is declining … Hockey has changed too much for us,” Mr. Couillard said in a video posted on Twitter.

Quebec-based hockey club Saint-Jérôme left Montreal last month, after several members left to seek work in the northern province. Another club, L’École sportif Saint-Marc, closed its doors in May, according to the L’Actualité. “I no longer want to watch hockey on the ground anymore,” group president Guy Paul told the French-language paper.

You can see the full video below.

The speed with which social media exploded in support of Mr. Couillard is also notable, but also shows just how vocal hockey fans can be in Quebec.

Social media immediately swarmed Mr. Couillard with hilarious doppelgänger comments:

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