“South Park” – “Post Covid”

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A fictional tale of nations coming together against a real life biological threat, “South Park: Post Covid” is told through the voice of Conan O’Brien. This futuristic 2067 tale imagines an actual pandemic that sweeps the country, darkening the skies and turning people into zombies.

FOX’s Eben Brown has more:

This is from the world of “South Park,” and the guys are back.

The Netflix-produced series has never shied away from the outrageous, but last season one of the guys created an infectious airborne sickness named, “South Park,” that spreads through a virus mutation in seven states.

Subplots in this new episode include a meeting of foreign ministers from foreign nations to figure out a way to prevent this from happening. That includes coming together with President Trump and exchanging DNA samples in order to stem the outbreak.

We also see Gina and Jimmy undergo a range of medical treatments at an amusement park.

This is from the world of “South Park”, and the guys are back.

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