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Peter King, Pro Football Weekly’s preeminent writer for years and decades, is now in his early 70s.

King’s focus is sports — and beyond sports. He has an award-winning column, an extremely popular column on video — and his legacy of making predictions is well entrenched.

This week, King gets his wish. It’s his birthday on Friday. But while many reporters let those 40th birthdays become a day of confetti and cheap thrills, King opted for something more serious. As is his custom, he used his birthday to chat with fans about the sport in which he’s worked, for 44 years.

As to the big topic of discussion this week, it was a question about what King thinks the biggest race drivers in NASCAR are, as opposed to the drivers who don’t race in NASCAR. Some advanced theories included NASCAR’s Richard Petty as “A” because he’s won with consistency throughout his career and Johnny Johnson as “B” because he’s a former grand champion in both races and Grand Am.

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King apologized to a reader for the lateness of his birthday post, then proceeded to write a letter to readers to invite a debate. In it, he reminded his future critics to remember that “there are no winners in a sport.” He also mentioned that the reason he got into professional sports writing is because he wanted to work as a media critic, and he hopes to win an Emmy award for his work.

King has been a columnist, sportswriter, broadcaster, sports editor, publisher and other positions in sports and at the National Post in the last 45 years.

So before you check out the running recap, check out the Sports Shortcuts section of the gallery, then come back to this space. And for the next several weeks, no doubt, will fill in with articles and posts on any number of sports topics. Some of these will even carry the word “sports.”

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