Singer Tiffany apologizes for cursing at fans during concert: 'I panicked’

Singer says she wasn’t able to speak as she started talking over the sound during a live performance

Singer Tiffany apologizes for cursing at fans during concert: ‘I panicked’

A singer has apologized for cursing at fans who were not paying full price to see her after her concert in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

In videos of the performance, Tiffany can be heard shouting obscenities at fans who were unwilling to pay what she said were “too much money” to see her perform.

“Are you a fool?” Tiffany asks one unidentified fan after asking another audience member how much money he paid to see her.

At another point, she tells a man: “Would you think twice if someone was performing for you? Would you think twice if someone was coming and you were not paying that much?”

According to a post by the singer on Instagram, she was unable to speak when she started the performance because she was “shut up” by the sound system.

In a statement to the Guardian, Tiffany said: “As you can see my run time was actually 45 minutes. It just seemed like I needed to hit the stage a little longer than I planned. The sound system at the Massey Hall is not designed to have a singer close to the audience. My attempt to block out the screams while setting up my stage run time was probably why I started sputtering, but the fact that I can’t really speak when I’m speaking doesn’t excuse my language.

“I was overwhelmed that I couldn’t shout and create the effect that I wanted and was trying to help my fans get as much into the show. Sometimes when your emotions get the best of you, you take advantage of the situation and say things you don’t really mean or plan to say. I went to town in a voice to help one the screams and sound was too loud for me to make a complete statement. I panicked.”

Tiffany’s performance came after the concert venue announced on its Facebook page that someone had spoken so rudely in person the safety of the performers had been put in danger.

“We can confirm that someone spoke so rudely while singing today that the performer was frustrated,” the statement reads. “As a result, the safety of the performers was in question. As in any conflict situation, multiple views of what occurred are available to the audience. We were not able to view all of them today, however, given the nature of the dispute it is obvious the lady was disturbing the performers.

“We don’t believe that threat to the performers warranting a ban on the performer appearing again on that stage, but following up with the individual and ensuring her safety was a necessary step.”

The same woman was seen on video laughing uproariously after the performance and appeared to admit to pushing someone in the crowd. Tiffany said she has no idea who that was but she’s in contact with the person, who she said is a good friend.

“I have no clue who the woman was and am in contact with her,” Tiffany wrote. “We have had many laughs over this story. The wording she used is what you are seeing on video.”

The show resumed with an intermission.

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