Ron DeSantis: ‘Without teachers, we would be in deep trouble’

Written by By Lauren Hirsch, CNN

The week before Thanksgiving, Gov. Ron DeSantis visited the Florida Northside Family Residences, an old-fashioned mom-and-pop rental home in North Miami that is home to 80 low-income residents.

DeSantis announced that the home’s residents would not have to worry about eviction or having to move out on January 1, and he thanked those who help provide food and shelter in this suburban part of the city — an area where there are few affordable housing options, particularly for families.

Speaking about the tight integration of both military and public housing in South Florida, DeSantis recalled a time when he was in the Florida House of Representatives. A soldier held his 10-year-old son in his arms outside the boy’s apartment.

“His name was Michael Corey Tomaszewski, and this family had been hurt quite a bit by the judicial system,” DeSantis said. “Michael was from my hometown, Doral.”

DeSantis also thanked the volunteers who helped the Northside residents get their Thanksgiving meal on the table: “Many of you have given quite a bit, like my wife,” he said, alluding to his spouse. “But I want to thank everybody else here today, all the teachers, everybody here that’s helping take care of these kids, providing diapers for them, helping to fix lunch for them, answering phones. You are the backbone. Without you, we would be in deep trouble.”

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