Now we know how NASA will kill off the world’s largest asteroid

Missed Pluto? Don’t worry: NASA just launched a spacecraft that is destined to smash into one of the most dangerous asteroids in our solar system.

In the middle of March, the agency launched Osiris-Rex to attempt a historic spaceflyby of the historic asteroid Bennu. The comet-shaped space rock is thought to contain a total of 80 to 250 metric tons, and it is large enough to destroy the entire world.

Osiris-Rex will fly by the asteroid to collect samples and bring them back to Earth. If mission controllers are successful, Osiris-Rex’s mission is scheduled to end with a more manageable 30 year trip to Japan. According to the AFP, the asteroid is only one quarter of a mile wide, but is theoretically large enough to cause regional destruction.

The spacecraft will launch at about 12:30 pm EST, and must reach a 3:00 pm liftoff position in order to safely impact the asteroid. According to NASA, the impact will occur at 10:33 pm EST on Friday.

The full animation of the Osiris-Rex spaceflight is below.

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