“No One Wants To Vaccinate Their Child”, Says New Jersey Lawmaker

(HT: FoxBusiness.com) New Jersey Assemblyman Jason O’Donnell is putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to fears of young children getting the immune suppressive steroids called pediatric immunoglobulin injections. In the last few years O’Donnell has worked with the state’s federal prosecutors on bringing down several businesses that catered to parents worried about the low quality medicines their children were being injected with.

O’Donnell says his operation is in the treatment of children from substance abusers who send kids their way to get vaccinated and treated for illness. Despite the harm the steroids are doing, some vaccine clinics aren’t working. Children remain vulnerable.

At his recent press conference, O’Donnell reported he was even told of a three year old girl that was given an injectable shot and told she could have her eyes shot out. O’Donnell is even acting as a consultant to a non-profit organization called Society for the Prevention of Childhood Inflammatory Disorders (SPCD) and said he will work with prosecutors on several new cases of people being mistreated.

Their problem is that parents are paying huge prices to supplement their child’s jabs. And while some vaccines are safe, the government is now considering mandating them as a default. More than 90% of children receive their vaccines against polio, measles, mumps, and rubella by the time they’re three years old. Most will be immunized by the time they’re five. But thousands of other children are not only not getting the shots but receive no protection from illness due to a lack of concern about the quality of vaccine manufacturing.

The old joke that no one wants to vaccinate their child is made no less true by the fact that there are too many people and businesses that encourage parents to undermine the government’s vaccine policies. For one thing, the vaccine lobby has created economic classes of parenthood. A growing number of people assume there are no downside risks associated with vaccines. They’re persuaded that if they pay a bit extra for immunization of their children, they might avoid them later in life.

That’s why they consider it absurd that people who would seek medical treatment for children are scorned by both doctors and the public. If they agree to inject their children in so-called healthcare centers, the child no longer has to travel somewhere else for shots. They can be in the home. That’s why treatments at the Healthy Choice Center in New Jersey are known as “the suburbs’. There is even an educational arm of the center for parents that the campaign hosts. Meanwhile the government, which has a long record of being quick to support families with deadly diseases, including polio and smallpox, remains strangely silent when it comes to forcing vaccinations.

As O’Donnell told Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, “We had a family from the Bronx that came and left on Tuesday. Tuesday. They were racking their brains the whole weekend to go out and buy a car and they couldn’t get the whole $300 together. So, they came to us on Sunday night. I literally woke up on Monday to find that their car was gone.”

Tearfully O’Donnell said, “and I’m thinking, these are parents with six or seven kids, no source of income, they come to us on a Friday night, we have $300 left in cash, we know we have to come up with this money, get a car on a Tuesday night, have an outpatient dose of immunoglobulin on a Tuesday night, that was the worst weekend I’ve ever had in a long time.”

The cost to health insurance is also hefty. Parents also get very angry when they see advertisements for the immunity boosters with the very word “pep” in them. What these words fail to do is explain what they are and exactly how they work. But they are powerful phrases and nothing seems to get in the way of parents buying.

The bottom line is that this is a huge obstacle to vaccinating children. It isn’t just about the money they pay for the shots, it’s about the fact they’re forced to create a second family. In the end their children are just pretending to get the shots.

And it’s totally inhumane.

This article originally appeared on FOX Business.

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