Murder suspect arrested on the 10th anniversary of triple murder in Las Vegas

5 years later & I will do my best to bring this killer to justice. If you have any information to assist, I am asking for you to please call @GPDNews693 — Chief Rodney Monroe (@ChiefMonroeNV) July 10, 2018

Chief Rodney Monroe, the commander of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, held a press conference on Wednesday to announce the arrest of Eric Jones, the last remaining suspect in the 2011 double murder of three family members, including grandmother Janina Jefferson. According to Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Kerstin Blosk, the arrest occurred on the morning of Tuesday, July 10 in California, following the arrest of a citizen for selling what turned out to be the murder weapon.

Law enforcement officials believe that they have captured one of two possible killers who killed the 77-year-old grandmother, her son and daughter-in-law. It has been 5 years since the sisters and a great-grandmother were shot to death in their Las Vegas home, and new information in the case has led law enforcement to make an arrest. 5 years later and we have finally apprehended the final suspect. Very happy. Been a tough road to follow — Kerstin Blosk (@KerstinBlosk) July 11, 2018

During the news conference, Chief Monroe recognized the importance of being able to provide closure to the Jefferson family. “We know that justice will prevail. We want to know that Janina Jefferson is watching over us. And Janina Jefferson has never stopped looking for justice,” he said. “If you know anything about this case, we want you to speak up.”

The Imperial County Sheriff’s Office and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department made the arrest in California. Jones is now in custody at the Imperial County Jail, according to authorities. The prime suspect in the case remains at large.

The Jefferson family found themselves in a dire situation after they discovered that their house was riddled with bullets — there were hundreds of bullet holes in the walls of the home. Their daughter-in-law, Katharine, was shot and killed in her bed, and the grandmother Janina Jefferson and her son, Stanley, were also murdered. After speaking to any passing passerby who stopped by to see the home, the family knew their loved ones were dead.

“It’s hard to believe that someone came in here shooting like crazy,” Jones’ wife told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “He always just brushed off, but then you knew something was wrong.”

Former car was found at the tip of the crime scene. But nobody knew where the murder weapon was found. Next to it, a fully loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun was found with five spent bullets and also its own magazine. The gun was placed in storage for several months until April, but the weapon was still not identified. Then, something finally clicked, and it was the key to unlocking the case. In late June, September arrived, and a good Samaritan called Las Vegas police from outside Jones’ home, asking them to investigate a transaction he had witnessed. He said he had recently sold his guns for cash and had put them in a storage container. However, one of the bullets found on the victim’s body belonged to Jones’s handgun.

“An investigation led us to believe that Eric Jones was behind this transaction,” County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Greg Maddux said.

Jones was charged with killing Janina Jefferson, her son, Stanley Jefferson, and Katharine Jefferson, and he could spend the rest of his life in prison. He has been charged with “murder in the first degree, with a deadly weapon,” and the Chief of the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office.

“This is the third murder in a span of seven days, and another felon in cuffs,” Maddux said, “and it’s a case that we’ve been working on very diligently.”

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