Mark oneworld argues with Boris Johnson

[DEBATE] The debate airs on Wednesday 19 September at 9:00pm GMT on BBC Four.

In a debate ahead of tonight’s local election in London’s Ealing Council, Mark oneworld, leader of the Labour group on the London Assembly, says:

Mark: The election is about the environment, jobs, child poverty, poverty of opportunity, life chances for people coming up from poverty in this country, who the Conservatives are defending the nuclear industry in our schools, they are abolishing free school meals for our young children, and they are cutting £1 billion of funding that go to schools, which is quite cutting, for the schools across London.

Boris Johnson: Mark is to spend more time investigating how many spook people there are in that audience than actually getting around the average London family budget and talking about the fact that schools in London are being shafted by the government? The government is screwing it down. They are using students as fodder to shaft good-quality local schools, and, whilst it is illegal to bribe public servants, this mayor is willing to do so with grant to schools.

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