‘Made Your Voice Heard’ profiles of the female candidates for Congress in the U.S. midterm elections

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a 2016 graduate of Yale Law School and spent three years working at a prominent downtown law firm. Currently, she is the campaign manager for Let Us Lead, the campaign to put independent Green Party Presidential nominee Jill Stein into the United States Senate. Green became the first Jewish female president of the University of South Carolina Young Democrats when she was 20 years old. Greene believes America is a country that doesn’t belong to a select few, but to all its citizens.

Working to change the rules on gerrymandering in the wake of the Supreme Court decision Bush v. Gore and advocating for stronger healthcare, criminal justice, voting, and immigrant rights, Greene also ran unsuccessfully for Alabama state Senate. Earlier this year, Greene decided to run for Congress, running to unseat Rep. Ander Crenshaw, a Republican incumbent who represents Florida’s 2nd congressional district. Greene has consistently held news conferences on Capitol Hill to pressure Congress to address the threats facing the country, and has been frequently active on social media, tweeting, “I want to represent my district. I want to serve my country. I’m Hillary Clinton’s junior in law school. I’m a patriot and a public servant.”

Whether or not the Green Party will have a voice in the upcoming midterm elections remains unclear. A number of candidates affiliated with the Green Party have been barred from the party platform. In addition, the White House declined to name a sitting senator to head up its Commission on Presidential Debates during the upcoming election cycle.

The Democratic Party is working to retake Congress, and is hoping to position progressive candidates like former “citizen journalist” Viveca Novak and Minnesota Congressman Ilhan Omar to sway voters in midterms. Republicans, on the other hand, must be wary of their continued grip on power. The Republican party is largely divided and has not been able to articulate its positions on key issues like mass incarceration or a healthy economy. Some see their candidate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as the future of the party.

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