Irish angle on the 2020 Biden presidential bid

Joe Biden has been called the “robotic negotiator” of the Democratic Party, “Sully the pilot of the pro-free speech wing of the Democratic Party”.

But none of this is why he’s replacing John Kerry as secretary of state. The real reason is that this is the best job in America: “Dangerous, important, and secure”, according to Biden, who has reportedly been offered the job of US envoy to Germany. He will focus on securing Israel and Syria after their nuclear agreements and then go after the European Union over Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine and as a “spoiler” in the upcoming election.

Biden will be an old-school diplomat, something for which America is crying out. Real diplomacy just involves talking – meaning just like in Kenya, where the US Embassy now has a cocktail reception for president Kenyatta.

The question is, can America survive three more years of Joe Biden?

At least Biden left his Irish gun lobby friends behind. He’ll be probably taking Gina Haspel with him, the new director of the CIA. Haspel must sign a written commitment to not torture and will have to abide by four conditions for working with the CIA. The ones that matter to the Irish lobby, like how to keep Fox TV on the air or what to say when the IRA are showing up to your house to waterboard you.

One could argue that he and Biden are both the same, old, foreign-policy heavyweights who once commanded Hollywood and just can’t grow up and retire. In October 2016, the establishment media, Hillary Clinton supporters and the Republican National Committee made the big secret to President Trump that Biden and Hillary had been on friendly terms since the 1990s.

Biden says he hasn’t taken sides in the recent Senate battle, but it looks like the rumours of sassy differences between the two are true.

Joe and Hillary, former rivals on the campaign trail, had been getting on fine at the same Washington dinner after the 2012 election. At the party the night before Thanksgiving dinner, Biden had praised Clinton as “tough, independent, rock solid, committed.”

It’s the second time that a “friendly” bipartisan Thanksgiving dinner is headed for Washington DC. President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama holidayed together as well.

It seems that now there is another family feud brewing in the Dem party. And it’s all about Benghazi. There is now a “birther” faction of the Democrat party who have written Biden off as too weak to accept the old Democrat party motto, “Never allow a crisis to go to waste.”

Like a country teetering on its own precipice, it’s an odd time to focus on history again, with the new millennium desperate for a shot of Democratic leadership. Biden may be too old to run for president, but if he wants to, he will likely never win a White House election.

The last member of the Biden clan to run for president, mother Mary Jo, was defeated by George W. Bush. One of the last homegrown Democrats to attain a certain amount of power (along with Senators and House members), Biden is most comfortable with the establishment of political parties, the insiders and the backroom deals of Washington.

As former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers put it: “Joe Biden can have his back on the wall. He can have his side thumping the other side. He is the perfect epitome of what America can be again. The good guys have all gone away.”

Ireland, as well as America, just needs Joe Biden to fight a good war on terror and lean on our Nato allies. That’s what he means by, “durable, important, and secure”. Let’s hope, in the end, the real reason Biden is running for office is because he’s a frustrated, old-fashioned pol. The strange charm of this man is that he should be just what America needs now.

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