How American motorists are the inspiration for car trends

Much in the way we have cell phones, wallets and cars today, with the introduction of “smart cars” in the US market in the year 2000, we should be in the middle of a similar transition in the coming years.

Along with its increased security, functionality and convenience, these cars also have become a great example of how the brand is central to a company’s identity and presents a reason to visit the store. This is why it is important to look at the various ways of being involved with “smart cars” and other technologies in this era, and why we must continue to adapt to this reality.

Americans are now a driving culture

Today’s American society places a great deal of emphasis on car ownership. In the US, cars are more ubiquitous than the other major car countries in the world. People drive them more often, keep them longer and drive them more often than ever before. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, between 2014 and 2015, the amount of time our drivers spend behind the wheel stayed at about 4.7 hours per day.

These numbers do not seem to be slowing down. Even though the average age of cars sold in the US is currently near seven years, a 2015 report found the number of new cars sold every day in 2015 to be on par with 1998 levels.

Autonomous Driving is not about miles per gallon, but peace of mind

According to the CAO Alliance, consumers and industry leaders are not waiting for autonomy to become ubiquitous to begin to integrate this technology into their everyday driving habits. As long as automakers can continue to build cars and new technology into this infrastructure, the consumer will continue to buy and play a role in shaping how self-driving cars will influence our society. And who better to lead this evolution than AAA?

ACEA has made the switch from $500 annual dues to a membership-based model. This was done in order to remain competitive and modernize the way members interact with the organization and provide valuable feedback and assistance to AAA headquarters. The newest type of membership allows all members to receive unlimited and unlimited data storage for their smartphones.

Why did AAA do this? In addition to saving AAA money in the process, this change helps AAA better understand the needs of members in order to best offer better services and information to all AAA members. While the AAA website is almost fully digitized, there are still many ways of providing valuable information and assistance, especially to members who do not have access to a computer or internet connection.

In the next 10 years, we’ll see more improvements in this auto technology as mainstream automobile makers continue to incorporate new technologies into vehicles while continuing to innovate the servicing, repair and maintenance of vehicle. By adding new technologies that can be viewed with your smartphone, installing safety features like crash avoidance sensors and lane keeping assistance, and tapping into outside software for information and services, companies can provide exceptional experiences to customers even when it is being operated on a “10 month old GPS system.”

With more than 60 million annual visits to AAA and its affiliated memberships, AAA is already in the forefront of this technology with a staff that is among the best in the business when it comes to safety, reliability and customer service. And AAA member benefits will only continue to improve with this technology as the auto industry continues to innovate at an astounding rate.

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