From Garrison Keillor to dating fads: the Quine family’s week in news

A book launch in Montreal, including a speech by Garrison Keillor and an open mic night where your say

There’s something going on, Canadians. It’s time we paid attention.

What we are seeing now – from the moment women spoke up to make themselves heard to the moment Indigenous peoples are taking action – is a culture war. And it’s happening right before our eyes, not just in the United States, but here in Canada.

If we are willing to see and join in, we’ll be able to make a difference.

I’m a physician who’s lived and worked in Canada for more than 40 years. I came here to work, and I stayed. I have a B.A. in history and American literature, and a masters in English literature. But I’m also a human being – a mother, a wife, a daughter, a cousin, a person that has come to love and respect this country deeply, and many people around the world have done, too.

We’re all Canadian, although we might be born anywhere from England to Norway, nor in Africa, Australia, China, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia or the Middle East. A critical reader says “Is this person really Canadian?” And that is precisely the point.

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