French fishermen threaten to block Britain’s Channel Tunnel

LONDON — French fishermen on Sunday threatened to block the Channel Tunnel and ports in Britain in protest at what they said was under-fishing in the waters off France, the BBC reported.

The confrontation emerged at the end of a 24-hour strike by French fishermen that led to a deep freeze in passenger and freight traffic into and out of France’s Channel ports.

Since Thursday, the authorities have been using ships to block the entrance to the port of Calais, the crucial gateway for foreign goods to move from the French port across the channel to Britain.

French authorities also banned fishing in two offshore areas, which is also likely to have a knock-on effect on the number of fish available for shipping, the BBC reported.

Port staff warned that the 16,000 trucks and ships that cross the English Channel each day could also face problems as they attempt to move around the locked Calais terminal.

The protest follows a bad week for Marine Le Pen’s party. On Wednesday, the European Central Bank targeted the National Front at the European Parliament in Brussels for regularly citing Britain in their political attacks on the European Union, according to the BBC.

They also called out Marine Le Pen’s party for saying in a letter that “we recommend British citizens not to travel to France, given this latest new drive to exclude the French from British shores.”

The letter, sent to Europe’s attention by MEPs in Strasbourg, was in response to a message from Marine Le Pen in her party’s magazine, “La Pointe du Nord,” urging people not to travel to France.

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