‘Fox & Friends’ Visits State of Louisiana, Recovering From Hurricane Nate

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On ‘Fox & Friends’ this morning, a town devastated by Hurricane Nate began to prepare for more of the same. Dover, a town about 45 miles southeast of New Orleans, was hit with flooding and high winds as the storm passed through a few days ago.

Wendy Lee talked to Mary Pettit, who lives a half hour away from the town:

(Pettit) “It looked like the storm was supposed to come to us and it didn’t. They’re warning us about the flooding and the waves and that kind of thing so it will happen again.”

A flood-damaged home was floated into town Sunday, a good example of how water can cut a path through a house.

(Pettit) “We had to go 14″ to put our family in our basement…so we’re really grateful for that. That’s been a big helping hand from them.”

That’s the main reason they’re talking to family and friends to move in just in case.

Pettit isn’t buying local mayor’s claims that there’s minimal damage:

(Pettit) “They keep telling us that it’s not that bad and it’s a matter of time.”

When the new storm hits, the town will have more help.

— Wendy Lee is a Fox News correspondent. Follow her on Twitter: @WendyLeeFox.

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