Former United Nations leader who had no money for a charity had just opened up a Swiss bank account

In 2005, John Ashe took advantage of his Canadian citizenship to open an offshore company to help him move more than $1 million in proceeds of his international real estate transactions, including one on the Trump National Golf Club in Potomac.

That sort of money should have registered with Canadian regulators. But Ashe didn’t.

Instead, when that apparent oversight was disclosed last year to Canadian prosecutors investigating Ashe, the Canadian Supreme Court ordered him to pay a substantial fine and compensation to his counterpart in Canada.

When U.S. authorities began investigating Ashe in 2014 over his ties to the Chinese government, they also discovered the phantom company.

Ashe, the former president of the United Nations General Assembly, was later convicted of bribery, money laundering and other crimes in a case in federal court in Manhattan.

But after getting a taste of Canadian enforcement, Ashe decided to secretly set up another offshore company in the Bahamas while waiting to be sentenced in the Manhattan court. Ashe bought property in New York and other cities using the company, on several occasions wiring money to it from banks in Canada.

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