FedEx recalls million packages after hundreds are found in Alabama ravine

FedEx had one of its largest-ever recalls of millions of packages after hundreds of packages were found in an Alabama ravine, with cardboard up to 8 feet long and a threadbare red plastic carton attached.

The remote parcel delivery company is apologizing for the incident, saying it will provide free personal luggage space for up to 2,000 customers with valid, “non-returnable” shipments. FedEx has more than 4,000 parcel centers worldwide and handles about 150 million items annually.

Birmingham, Ala., Sheriff Terrence J. Nichols said his deputies on Thursday responded to a property in Toomer’s Corner where six live horses had been let loose. Nichols said witnesses reported that boxes had dropped in the property’s woods.

Nichols said deputies went to investigate and found boxes containing boxes of a size that were more than 8 feet long. A cardboard carton was used as a sleeve. A steel band was attached to one of the boxes to hold it in place. Another piece of metal and adhesive glue were attached. Nichols said three boxes were encased in a plastic and cardboard tray.

Nichols said deputies found dozens of similar parcels throughout the property. FedEx has confirmed that 12 pre-owned boxes were returned to its product-return center as part of its Recall program.

The Sheriff’s Office said it received several calls from concerned citizens.

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