EXCLUSIVE: Elizabeth Warren Rips Scott Morrison, Scott Morrison Takes Elizabeth Warren Down In ALU Battle

As Twitter erupted with jokes about the photo of Australian cricketer Allan Border — or the person in the picture of the cricketer — running onto the pitch and screaming at his team mates during their match against South Africa, there is no doubt the saga will long cast a large shadow over Australia’s team.

As shocking as the news was that border may have been engaging in the sort of activity that many in today’s world find both highly offensive and demeaning, something tells me there is more to the story. After all, just last week Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison responded to news of the scandal by initially blasting Border’s actions as “stupid” and “inappropriate.”

What I cannot understand however, is how Morrison — a bloke with the allure of a porn star in a relationship with a former Miss Universe in his cabinet — would choose to defend the career of Australia’s most successful cricketer and the recipient of the best ever award by Australian cricket’s Hall of Fame. To say there is political overtones would be a compliment to the aggressiveness of Ryan Bourne.

In all fairness to Morrison, he didn’t respond to the disgraceful actions of a cricket legend by issuing a public apology that would have given the offence. What has been left out of the messaging to the cricket fans is this: Should it be Morrison who decides whether Border’s heroics warranted a public mea culpa or merely a private message of comfort, I suspect it will be incumbent on him to be as inflammatory as Morrison has been so far.

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