Elon Musk’s rockets will soon arrive in Washington, and asteroid will destroy D.C.

As if aliens attacking Washington or Elon Musk’s rockets arriving in Washington weren’t good enough reason to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Armageddon,” director Michael Bay has a not-so-hidden message for us to mull.

Read it below in the form of a thought experiment put to science fiction legend: An asteroid three-times the size of the one that nearly destroyed Washington in the movie will fall to Earth, hitting the continent in 2027. It will die slowly over the ocean and its resulting dust plume will be visible from the surface of the Earth. Then a plume, coincidentally, will reappear a decade later, creating a cloud that obscures everything and causes a nuclear meltdown in Washington. Boom.

Meanwhile, nobody can stop the ticking asteroid that impacts Washington just as soon as it has morphed into a moon that breaks off and scatters and goes away.

“If that has happened, what is Washington going to look like in 2035?” Bay writes in a post to The Big Picture.

If the game works like the author has described, and if nothing stops the asteroid before it hits us, then nothing stops the moon. But before you hit the Turn Off Your TV button and take to the golf course, run down to your local NASA office.

You may need to make some extra cash as a researcher, in case Washington gets its own asteroid alert.

“This is a pretty good job,” the retired astronaut says.

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