Bullet goes through police officer’s head during shooting

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

The man who fired shots near Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers in British Columbia on Thursday is in custody, according to a statement from the Ministry of Public Safety.

The statement says a call was received from someone saying that a man had fired shots toward a group of officers in front of the Burnaby RCMP detachment in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Police said the suspect came out of a wooded area after the shooting and was arrested without further incident. No one was injured in the incident, officials said.

According to an initial witness report, the officer who fired the shots was grazed in the head by a bullet.

Police presence set off several people from nearby homes and sparked a manhunt for the shooter.

After nearly a half hour, the area was secured and no further shooting was reported.

Yahya Mouhamed, the West Coast Legal Director for the civil rights group the BC Civil Liberties Association, said the police response was “excessive.”

“Today’s large scale police response borders on disproportionate considering that the shooting is allegedly the result of a police officer (within the police department) shooting the person who shot at the police in the first place,” Mouhamed said in a statement.

“The police response of huge numbers of police including helicopters with live ammunition and armored vehicles present in a residential area seems disproportionate and unacceptable.”

Mouhamed had expressed his concerns about such a large response on Thursday.

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