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Brexit – U-turn over plan to avoid crashing out without a deal

We explain why UK Brexit secretary David Davis appeared to walk away from agreeing a plan to get Britain out of the EU without a deal last week.

Here’s the good, the bad and the very, very ugly that’s happened since that historic vote in 2016.

My top 10 for 2018

EU member states agree ‘no trade deal with the UK after Brexit’

Who are Britain’s most influential women?

The BBC presents 10 women running the UK showbiz world as part of a new ‘women at the top’ series, Our Big Week.

The programme will be launched by Lynn Barber, editor of the Sunday Times Style magazine.

Art funding

Hundreds of arts organisations across the UK have received final checks for vital funding, after learning at the last minute whether they were successful in applying for grants.

The Acorn Trust reports its grants board had approved nearly 2,000 applications for a total of about £25m before the deadline to apply closed on 13 February.

More than 800 arts organisations, including the British Council, were disappointed not to receive the funding they had hoped for.

BBC Sport presents more on this issue.

Security minister quits after admitting it’s her “second time round”

“Terror, as all of the family and friends in the country knows, is a concern in the UK. But we are better placed to deal with it than other parts of the world.”

Murdoch: Very good offer for Sky

Murdoch: It is very good a proposal

Who came first in the race to buy Sky?

This article appeared after publication, but the whole story from that day is available here.


Victory for a former Arsenal youth player over doping

Alexis Sanchez: First United top scorer for Arsenal in half a century

France defend 2-1 win over Nigeria

Iceland ban players from wearing controversial World Cup shirts

Germany: Alex Lacazette suffers injury

And just where are the UK teams heading to for their international fixtures in this World Cup year?

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