Brazil’s Narsaq river miners try to reach Panama

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The horn of Africa typically features very small ships

Thousands of people have been broken up in a busy Brazilian port as they try to navigate the Narsaq river through the Brazilian jungle to Panama.

Over the past 12 days, authorities have mopped up the illegal miners, who were making a lucrative business dumping metal over the past few years.

The boats range in length between 7m and 16m, and most of them have taken off their engines so they can be towed by the motors of fishing vessels.

Brazil’s centre-right government is trying to reduce the ecological risks posed by mining. However, it also looks to clamp down on illegal mining that occurs in a number of Amazon countries.

On Thursday, the day before he was killed, the governor of Rondonia state, Jorge Bergoglio who had inherited the task, said “unauthorised mining has caused an environmental crisis in the region”.

It was unclear what happened to the miners who arrived at the port.

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