Australian Open players require year-round vaccination

New, year-round mandatory vaccinations have come into force in Australia, requiring players at the country’s three Grand Slam tournaments to fill out a vaccination form if they want to compete in the Australian Open in Melbourne.

Anika Mustoo, the tennis representative for Tennis Australia, says the new vaccination rules are in place to stop players from being exposed to more players with viral infections, such as the norovirus, which can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

So far, Tennis Australia says there have been seven confirmed cases of norovirus, four from the Australian Open and three from the WTA in the past few months.

“If someone has some particular illness, that’s something the player has to consider and make sure they are fit to play,” Mustoo told Australia’s ABC News.

Although the Russian and French tennis players are planning on boycotting the French Open due to health concerns, which caused tennis’ governing body, the ATP, to scrap two practice days and instead schedule whole days off, the norovirus has so far not been an issue.

In addition to the new rules at the major tournaments, Tennis Australia has introduced a live virus check page on its website that provides more information for those seeking to know more about specific illnesses.

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