Australian midwife accused of using ‘toxic’ photo on Instagram to highlight underage child marriage

Nadia Thomas, an Australian midwife, has been a champion for promoting girls’ education and sexual and reproductive health, becoming an advocate for the Pro-Life Side of the Safe Motherhood message. But Thomas is facing controversy again after publishing a post online in support of children who are being forced into marriage. A seven-year-old girl named only as Norah from Mumbai was featured alongside Thomas’s Instagram post this week. The seventh-grader described her arranged marriage as “peaceful” and “magical,” reported South China Morning Post. The Post then alerted the Ministry of Women and Child Development, who said that the Indian government is currently working to address this issue in its respective country.

Thomas’s post, however, was deemed both “unusual” and “entirely inappropriate” for one of her many engagements within pro-life circles. “It is an interesting use of social media by someone who is very clearly advocating for or against abortion,” Harris Hankenstein, director of the conservative Centre for the Advancement of Medical Humanities at the University of Melbourne, told the Huffington Post. Thomas, however, confirmed that she posted the photo to raise awareness about the issue, stating that it’s part of her voluntary work. “I have volunteered to do this work for the last 12 years,” she said, “I currently work with several organizations in India where I work with this child to support her parents.”

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