Add the Pixar movie ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ to your list of the best holiday movies

It’s December. You could be reading this article about eggnog (true story) or a list of the 100 best holiday movies, which means you have to end the article with a warning: You will leave this screen a happier person.

Fetching as an inaugural gift from the Weinstein Company, a special serving of the critically acclaimed family film “Ralph Breaks the Internet” is headed to 100 different cities and museums across the U.S. According to a statement, fans can keep an eye out for “Wreck-It Ralph 2”-themed chalkboards in their place as of this week.

The “Ralph” ships out Dec. 4 for Seattle; Denver Dec. 5; Boston Dec. 6; New York Dec. 8; Los Angeles Dec. 9; San Francisco Dec. 10; and Chicago Dec. 11. More cities and locations are expected to be announced soon.

There’s actually plenty to love about any movie featuring chocolate covered cherries and Christmas trees (in addition to the candy balls in the cocktails) so we put together a list of recommended favorites. Each title was ranked according to a special gift, ranking the cinematic treats one to five stars and based on a mix of the “Where Is Wally?” (finding the little cartoon rabbit’s map in your bag of chocolate toys) factor and the “Ba-da-bing!” factor.

Given the caveat that your favorite holiday movie or toy will always be the one that makes you happy to walk out of the room (or the theater), we asked readers to re-sorted the rankings by whether their favorite movie made them laugh, cried, love or fear, then registered a score and added them to our Recommended Gifts 2017 list, a deep-dive selection of gifts from the online magazines PopSugar and Tarts that started off just in time for the holidays. If your holiday shopping lists were handed to you by Cheetos-nougat dispensing elves at Seinfeld Elementary, then we salute you, but you can find much, much, much, much, much, much more in our curated gift guide, past which are all of your post-Black Friday shopping concerns.

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